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So much to do. But still make time for poetry

In a parallel universe, poets stand on street corners and recite for us. We stop what we’re doing and gather together with friends and strangers to listen. Then we pay them some tribute and go on with our days, moved and enriched in some way.

In this universe, the tiny yet expansive corridor that is Open Books is packed on a given night with a gathering of emerging poets and their admirers. The listeners pay tribute with applause and the purchase of a wonderful book, suitable for signing. Then maybe they go down the road to The Blue Moon Tavern to celebrate with the ghosts of Carolyn Kizer, Richard Hugo and Theodore Roethke. Or maybe that’s in the parallel universe. It’s not clear.

To mark the launch of the “Best New Poets 2017” anthology, Open Books hosted this reading on January 26. The poets in order of appearance are: Erin L. McCoy, Sarah Bates, Christina Im, Alyssa Ogi, Caitlyn Roach and Amanda Turner.

Please note: This recording contains unedited language of an adult nature.

Listen to the full version below:

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