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What these Seattleites did in the first year of Trump (besides help write a book)

What’s a progressive citizenry to do? It’s been over a year since President Donald Trump was elected. Liberal Seattleites reacted to that event (they call it “the incident” here) in various ways.

The individuals you’ll hear in these talks switched careers, took a road trip to conservative Oregon, reflected on the balance between parenting and activism, sought ways to confront family divisions, and took up boxing.

They also wrote thoughtful essays about their experiences, which have been published in the new anthology “Fly to the Assemblies! Seattle and the Rise of the Resistance.” The collection was edited by South Seattle Emerald editor Marcus Harrison Green.

This Town Hall Seattle sponsored reading and discussion took place at The Rainier Arts Center on November 2. Jennie Cecil Moore recorded the event. Contributors include Marcus Harrison Green, Sharon H. Chang, David Kroman, Kristin Leong, Reagan Jackson, Monica Guzman, Hanna Brooks Olsen, and Marilee Jolin.

Please note: This recording contains unedited language of an adult nature.

Listen to the full version below:

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