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What’s really going on? Brooke Gladstone helps sort fact from fiction

If you’re a regular listener to WNYC’s On The Media, you know that Brooke Gladstone is a force in journalism. You hear her commitment to accurate, nuanced reporting and analysis in everything that show does. She won’t accept any nonsense, even from her co-host, Bob Garfield.

Now, Gladstone has made an attempt to puncture our subjective media bubbles and shine a light on one of the major questions of this political moment: How do we sort fact from fiction? Her new book is “The Trouble with Reality: A Rumination on Moral Panic in Our Time.”

Gladstone spoke with KUOW’s Chief Content Officer Jennifer Strachan at Seattle’s University Lutheran Church on November 1. Town Hall Seattle presented the event, as part of their Civics series. Sonya Harris recorded the conversation.

Listen to the full version below:

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