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Week in Review: NFL takes a knee, Washington takes on Big Pharma

L-R: Essex Porter, Bill Radke, Chris Vance, Erica C. Barnett

Some NFL players took a knee or sat during the national anthem. The Seahawks stayed in their locker room. Other players stood and locked arms. What does it all matter if the fans tune them out?

Also, Facebook says it will get tougher on fake Russian campaign ads, but what is our responsibility to consume media smartly?

And Washington state sues the maker of OxyContin, but pharmaceutical companies say they don't deserve all the blame because it's doctors who over-prescribed and patients who over-used.

Get caught up on the news:

Our panel this week:

Erica C. Barnett @ericacbarnett, The C is For Crank
Essex Porter @essexKIRO7, political reporter at KIRO 7 News
Chris Vance @chrisvance123, former Washington State Republican Party chair

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