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Trump's inner circle is the 'biggest grifter convention in modern times,' says John Nichols

Courtesy of Nation Books
John Nichols' new book "Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse"

Who are the most dangerous people in America? According to author John Nichols, the answer to that question includes the following: Betsy DeVos, Scott Pruitt, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Elaine Chao, Kris Kobach and Rex Tillerson.

The list goes on to include over 40 members of President Donald Trump’s inner circle.

Nichols thinks Seattleites may not understand how Trump works because we were too busy attending progressive talks and meetings way back when to watch Trump’s TV show The Apprentice.

That’s a compliment, but he argues that Trump used highly questionable Apprentice-type auditions to decide who to hire for some of the most powerful positions in our government. Nichols calls it “the biggest grifter convention in modern times.”

Nichols is the national affairs correspondent for The Nation and the author of “Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse: A Field Guide to the Most Dangerous People in America.” He spoke at a Town Hall Seattle event at The Summit on Pike on September 11. Jennie Cecil Moore recorded the talk. 

Listen to the full version below:

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