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Week in Review: Free college, freaky fish and fighting Nazis

L-R: Ijeoma Oluo, Sydney Brownstone, C.R. Douglas, Bill Radke

The true damage of Hurricane Harvey is still unknown, but does that mean you have to wait to criticize some of the victims?

Counter-protestors committed violence against Nazi and white supremacists in Berkeley last weekend; are they doing the right thing or only hurting their cause?

Jenny Durkan has cribbed notes from Bernie Sanders and is offering a plan for free college, but is that enough to win over the political left?

And is the accidental release of tens of thousands of farmed salmon truly a state of emergency or should we throw cold water on those warnings?

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Our panel this week:

  • Bill Radke, @kuowradke, host
  • C.R. Douglas, @crdouglasq13fox, Q13 FOX News political analyst
  • Sydney Brownstone, @sydbrownstone, reporter at The Stranger
  • Ijeoma Oluo, @ijeomaoluo, editor-at-large at The Establishment
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