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What myths can tell us about a modern world awash in information

Courtesy of Mosaic Voices
Michael Meade at The O Space on Vashon Island

Human beings have depended on mythology since the beginning of our existence. Myths told us how the world began, how to understand its trials and wonders, and how it might end.

Yet now, when many of us believe something is not true, we call it a myth. What happened?

Mythologist and author Michael Meade has devoted his life to that question. He urges us to dig deeper into the meanings of myth as a path to deeper understanding, health and healing.

Michael Meade’s latest book is “The Genius Myth.” He spoke at Vashon Island’s Open Space for Arts & Community on March 29. In this talk, “Touching the Soul of the World,” he explores what stories and myths tell us about modern life.

Listen to the full version below:

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