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Sweet siren. Covering up the dangers of sugar

A friend might try to talk you out of smoking cigarettes or your alcohol consumption, but would they criticize your sugar habit? What if they knew that not long ago scientists were paid to proclaim the dangers of fat when the facts pointed to sugar and carbohydrates?

Author Gary Taubes says that while sugar doesn’t have the obvious side effects of alcohol, for instance, it is an addictive substance that causes dangerous health issues, including diabetes, obesity, possibly heart disease, hypertension and Alzheimer’s.

He accuses scientists and the sugar industry of mounting a major cover-up along the lines of the more infamous tobacco industry example. His conclusions are thoroughly researched, provocative, and ripe for discussion.

Taubes is the author of “The Case Against Sugar.” He spoke at Town Hall Seattle on January 6. Jennie Cecil Moore recorded his talk.

Listen to his full talk below:

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