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Ignore your instincts: Talk about your failures

How much do you really share about yourself with your social networks? You post photos of your most recent exotic vacations, fun dinners with friends, smiling family members, successes from school or work.

But do you share the failures and frustrations as well?

University of Washington senior Lauren Mittelman says it can be a very lonely place when you feel that you are the only one who is in pain.  She created the "Vulnerability Collective," which collects true stories of struggle from UW undergraduates.

The idea is to help students cope with failure by learning that they are not alone. 

Deborah Wang speaks with Mittelman about the project along with Anne Browning of UW's Resilience Lab, which seeks to normalize failure and encourages UW students to take academic risks and "fail forward." 

The Resilience Lab's next event is a "Fail Forward" panel on Wednesday, April 26  at the UW's Intellectual House at 5:30 p.m.

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