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This week we ask: Do you stay or do you go?

Today's panel: Chris Vance, Hanna Brooks Olsen, host Bill Radke and Phyllis Fletcher.
KUOW Photo/Bond Huberman
Today's panel: Chris Vance, Hanna Brooks Olsen, host Bill Radke and Phyllis Fletcher.

Levi Guerra, a Vancouver, Washington elector has said that she will join the “Hamilton electors” and not vote for Donald Trump. Washington state has 12 electors who should be voting for Hillary Clinton since she won the popular vote in the state. 

But a growing number of electors are trying to get at least 40 Republican electors to not vote for the President-elect. How does a Washington Clinton defector help move GOP electors away from Trump?

And when should the President-elect's tweets become news? That’s the question newsmakers and consumers are asking this week after Donald Trump tweeted that flag burning should be made illegal again. 

And the Seattle Times finds that longtime Washingtonians are leaving while newcomers pour in. What’s lost and what’s gained as our populations shifts?

We'll tackle these subjects and more on Week in Review.

Listen to the live discussion Friday at noon, join in by following @KUOW and using #KUOWwir. Audio from the show will be available online to listen or podcast later this afternoon.

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Bill Radke @KUOWRadke, host

Chris Vance @Chrisvance123, former chair of the Washington State GOP

Hanna Brooks Olsen @mshhannabrooks, writer and co-founder for Seattlish

Phyllis Fletcher @phylfletch, managing editor for N3

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