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Kids' letters to Trump: 'Children like me are watching you'

Any way you dice it, the election of Donald Trump has brought on a lot of feelings. 

Many adults have expressed those feelings online, on social media and through taking to the streets. But what about our kids?

The day after the election, Molly Spence Sahebjami's five-year-old son woke up and said, "The mean man won?"

"What I said to him was, 'When someone is unkind you can talk to them. You're good at being kind, why don't we try to help him?'" she said. 

Sahebjami said a lot of kids and parents she knew needed a constructive way to talk about the election. 

So she started a Facebook page called "Dear President Trump: Letters From Kids About Kindness."

Since the page was started, it's been inundated with letters from around the U.S. and the world. 

"I think it helps the kids," Sahebjami said. "It helps them feel empowered and that they're participating in their democracy."

But it also helps the adults, she said. 

Adults are divided and being vicious with each other, Sahebjami said, but promoting kindness and trying to help the president-elect to be a good and fair leader is something that people from all sides can get behind.

"If we can get behind one thing it's that our president has the power to inspire us and unite us if he's up for that. And we encourage him to do that. We encourage him to listen to these letters from kids, these pure messages from kids, encouraging him to be more kind to people even if they're different than he is."

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