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Welcome KUOW's Summer 2016 RadioActive Youth Producers

Summer 2016 RadioActive youth producers
Summer 2016 RadioActive youth producers

KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media is proud to offer our summer journalism workshop. Eight teens, aged 16-18, will spend six weeks learning what it means to be a journalist.

During that time, they'll gain the skills to create radio stories. They'll do all of the research, interviews, writing, voicing and editing to produce their own feature stories and podcasts on topics of their choice.

Zubeyda Ahmed, Junior, University of Washington

How you doin’? I am a free spirit trying to make it in this world. Aside from watching Wendy Williams on the daily, I enjoy reading and writing. I am a total bookworm! I speak Oromo and English. I love to learn new things about different people and cultures as well as making memories that will last a lifetime!

Brian Freeland, Freshman, Green River College

Growing up, words were my greatest passion. I loved to read, consuming books with an unyielding hunger; I loved to write anything and everything I could think of. I quickly progressed from merely reading about action and adventure to writing my own stories; thus my love for the written word blossomed. I’d like to think of myself as a poet at heart, with a love of life and everything in it. I’m outgoing, creative and very passionate about what I do. I’m also quick-witted, outgoing and I have a great sense of humor; and I’ve been told I’m a great guy to be around. So armed with a pen, paper and my love for my community and its people, journalism is my outlet for inspiration, and my way to give back to the world.

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Surya Hendry, Junior, Inglemoor High School

I am a flute player, an animal lover, and a language nerd, but mostly I am a storyteller. I believe that small moments are a big deal and that sharing them is the best way to share joy. I tell my stories through the school newspaper where I am a feature editor, and also through my flute, because music is only another form of language. I hope to learn more about storytelling so that I can refine a proclivity into an art form.

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Awal Ibrahim, Senior, Franklin High School  & Sophomore, Seattle Central College

I am a student athlete. “Student Athlete” is a part of my identity, who I am. I have been playing basketball all my life, and I am extremely good at what I do. I played on many teams and won multiple championships throughout my lifetime. I also value education. Knowledge is permanent, it lasts forever. I am a Muslim, Oromo immigrant who lives every day to become legendary. I want to be remembered as the man who touched everyone’s heart and helped change the world.

[asset-audio[{"description": "Listen to a story about Awal Ibrahim by Surya Hendry", "fid": "128137", "uri": "public://201607/Awal-bySurya.mp3"}]]Maya Konz, Junior, Ballard High School

If you were to tell me a joke, I’d be the one laughing minutes later. Not because I don’t have a sense of humor, it just takes me awhile to connect the dots. That’s why I love listening to people, so that I can understand better about how stuff works or the meanings behind an abstract concept. When I hear people disagreeing, I love when I come to the realization that there are always two sides to the story. I’d love to pass my realizations onto others through the stories I tell. When I get involved in a story, I become very persistent and work hard until the job is done. I also like to have fun because it makes the job go smoothly.

[asset-audio[{"description": "Listen to a story about Maya Konz by Brian Freeland", "fid": "128138", "uri": "public://201607/Maya-byBrian.mp3"}]]Natalie Newcomb, Senior, Mercer Island High School

I currently attend Mercer Island High School where I will be the new station manager of their radio station, KMIH, next year. I love to talk with new people and had the chance to create my own radio feature, the Student Spotlight, where I interviewed classmates for stories and won first place for best news feature at the Washington State High School Radio Awards. I speak fluent Japanese and have spent many summers in Japan with my grandmother. To learn more about my Japanese heritage I am studying the art of Japanese Tea Ceremony. I hope to use my skills and background to create compelling interviews that tell other people’s stories and bring people together.

[asset-audio[{"description": "Listen to a story about Natalie Newcomb by Zubeyda Ahmed", "fid": "128139", "uri": "public://201607/Natalie-byZubeyda.mp3"}]]April Reyes, Senior, Mt. Rainier High School

I am 4’ 8 ½”, but my ambitions are bigger. I’ve been singing ever since I could talk and have been ambitious ever since I was born. I’m committed to a singing group in school, called Music Company, and the Achievers Program to prepare myself further for college. I have chosen to major in social work because I feel like I could relate to troubled kids. On a different note I absolutely love interacting with people, making new friends, and exploring opportunities. Everyone has a story to share, and I am always that person willing to listen.

[asset-audio[{"description": "Listen to a story about April Reyes by Amy Styer", "fid": "128140", "uri": "public://201607/April-byAmy.mp3"}]]Amy Styer, Freshman, Western Washington University

When I’m not spending my time watching YouTube videos, I am actually living a productive life. I play guitar and sing for fun and for the stage. I’m into photography and am always capturing shots. I was a reporter for one year and editor for two years on my high school newspaper. I’m a complete theater and art enthusiast and I am into all things creepy, including horror movies and the paranormal. I’m a passionate person who is a go-getter, yet also an altruist.

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