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Behind the razor wire with a sexually violent predator on McNeil Island

Bill Radke speaks with Bethany Denton and Jeff Emtman about their story about the sexually violent predators who reside in the special commitment center on McNeil Island in Washington state.

It was the most recent episode of the Seattle-based podcast Here Be Monsters from KCRW's Independent Producer Project. You can listen to the full show below.

Emtman and Denton’s story describes the facility and the case of a man named Chris who was recently released from the special commitment center on McNeil Island.

Located just three miles northwest of Steilacoom, a long-standing island prison was closed in 2011 and its inmates relocated.

But by then, McNeil Island had sprouted a different kind of facility, also nested inside razor wire. It wasn't a prison, but its residents weren't exactly free to leave.

People designated as sexually violent predators are sent to live indefinitely at the Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island.

Chris was one such person. However, he was allowed to challenge his civil commitment in front of a jury of his peers. 

Chris’ trial recently concluded. Here Be Monsters followed his case.

Warning: this show contains graphic content.

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