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Highlights From Week In Review In 2015

There was plenty to talk about in 2015, and talk we did on Week In Review.

We talked local and international news, from Charlie Hebdo attacks to Bertha's big stall. We laughed about the gum wall. We debated the Seattle teachers strike, Donald Trump, and praying on football fields. We mourned losses faraway in Paris and nearby on the Aurora bridge.We left the station so we could talk to you in your neighborhoods on our summer tour. And we tweeted as many of our guests' pithy insights our typing fingers could manage. Enjoy a selection of our favorite tweets and photos from 2015 here, and join us in 2016, Fridays at noon (and again at 7 p.m.) or anytime when you subscribe to the Week In Review podcast on iTunes. 

After another lively Week in Review show, our guests Erica C Barnett and Chris Vance stuck around for a group photo. And yes, that is Luke Burbank's face on the computer. (He joined remotely from Port Townsend) #KUOWwir A photo posted by KUOW Public Radio (@kuow) on May 22, 2015 at 12:56pm PDT

And then there was that time that Pramila Jayapal, Bill Radke, Sherman Alexie and Paul Guppy did the wave.