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Richard Dawkins Talks Dinosaurs, Memes And The Queen

Richard Dawkins illustrated with Dr. Spock.
Flickr Photo/Surian Soosay (CC BY 2.0)/
Richard Dawkins illustrated with Dr. Spock.

Richard Dawkins is a prolific author, scholar and evolutionary biologist. His most recent book,“Brief Candle In The Dark,” is a follow-up to his earlier memoir, “An Appetite For Wonder.”

In it he chronicles the second half of his life, from his Oxford days through his brilliant and controversial career.

In this appearance he reads from “Brief Candle” and riffs on his eventful life. He shares his views on a variety of subjects, including the lives of the dinosaurs, what Americans believe, his coinage of the term "meme" and lunch with the Queen.

Richard Dawkins  spoke at Town Hall Seattle on Oct. 7. His talk was presented by University Book Store and the Dawkins Foundation. UBS’s Tim Nelson joined Dawkins on stage in conversation.

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