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Welcome KUOW's Summer 2014 RadioActive Youth Producers

KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media is proud to once again offer our summer radio journalism workshop!

Eight students, ages 16-18, are spending six weeks learning what it means to be a journalist and gaining the skills they need to create radio stories.

These youth producers do all of the research, interviews, writing, voicing and editing to produce feature stories and podcasts for KUOW. Look for their stories starting July 22!

Maria Delmar Caoagdan, Senior, Federal Way High School

Throughout my life, I’ve been described by my friends and families as witty, competitive, diligent, crazy, lazy, doubtful, creative and a perfectionist. Or better yet, perhaps I’m a little bit of everything. Journalism isn’t my number one forte, but I’m a fast learner and can adjust to almost any task. Not to mention, I am extremely passionate about stories. After all, I like learning new things and have acquired a variety of skills like public speaking, cooking, directing and designing. With my over-the-top imagination and specialized artistic talent, nothing can stop me from fulfilling my dreams. If there’s one thing I absolutely cannot do whatsoever, regardless of the amount of practice I put in it, it would be dancing (which, thankfully isn’t a requirement in this field – phew)!

Ahlaam Ibraahim, Junior, Rainier Beach High School

I’ve always been a curious and outgoing person. I’ve always loved writing, but didn’t have any exposure to journalism. I love sports and always wondered what the reporter’s field was. When I found out it was journalism, I started loving it and aspired to become a sports journalist. I wanted to be in TV broadcasting until I fell in love with radio So prepare to hear my voice in a couple of years… hopefully on NPR!

[asset-audio[{"description": "Listen to a story about Ahlaam by Ernesto.", "fid": "56780", "uri": "public://201407/AhlaambyErnesto.mp3"}]]Ernesto Morfin Montes de Oca, Senior, Federal Way High School

I am at my school so much, it sometimes feels like I live there. From student government meetings to track meets and getting afterschool help from teachers, my school has become a second home. I love studying, reading and doing sports. At my house, I’m usually studying or playing games on my computer. I am a smart and eager student who is ready to embark on a journey into the world of journalism.

[asset-audio[{"description": "Listen to a story about Ernesto by Ahlaam", "fid": "56781", "uri": "public://201407/Ernesto-byAhlaam.mp3"}]]Angela Nguyen, Freshman, Washington State University (Meadowdale High School '14)

Passion, people and pride are three words to sum up the person I am. I am proud of my Vietnamese heritage, my youthful spirit and to consider myself a future Washington State University Cougar. I’m a fearless leader but also a true team player; I love working in groups. Meeting new people is anything but a daunting task and I believe their stories have power to inspire future generations. That said, my passion lies in creating positive change through storytelling.

[asset-audio[{"description": "Listen to a story about Angela by Esa.", "fid": "56782", "uri": "public://201407/AngelabyEsa.mp3"}]]Meghan O'Kelley, Junior, Roosevelt High School

From the time I could first walk, I have been a performer. Whether it was soccer, ballet, singing or acting, I've loved sharing stories and skills with friends and strangers alike. I've found passion in both writing  stories and presenting them. I am an actor, a writer, a runner, a joker and now a radio intern. I hope to continue to expand my horizons and share my experience with all of the lovely people I meet.

[asset-audio[{"description": "Listen to a story about Meghan by Nia.", "fid": "56785", "uri": "public://201407/Meghan-byNia_1.mp3"}]]Noah Phillips Rearson, Senior, Garfield High School

Throughout my life, I've always had an intense love for music. Over the past few years that's expanded into a love for everything surrounding and involving music, including journalism. I'm interested in educating music lovers and young artists by showing them a more in-depth look at artists' creative processes and connecting music with other relevant issues that we see every day and that have yet to be demystified. It's only natural for me to involve myself in our growing Seattle community, which is why I'm excited about experiencing as much of this broad world of radio journalism as I can!

[asset-audio[{"description": "Listen to a story about Noah by Maria.", "fid": "56786", "uri": "public://201407/Noah-byMaria.mp3"}]]Nia Price-Nascimento, Junior, Garfield High School

I came from a class of 11 into a high school of 450. I am a Warldorf graduate, which means much of my education before I reached high school was focused on the arts and critical thinking. As a result, I have a love for art and also science. I’ve been writing stories since I can remember, mostly fiction. I love listening to other people’s stories too, like the program on NPR called The Moth Radio Hour. I am quiet by nature and introspective. I have always been interested in observing how people relate to each other. These interactions usually give me ideas for my stories. People who take up too much space talking all the time miss out on the heart of the stories.

[asset-audio[{"description": "Listen to a story about Nia by Meghan.", "fid": "56787", "uri": "public://201407/Nia-byMeghan.mp3"}]]Esa Tilija, Senior, University Prep

I’ve always had a strong passion to make a difference in the world. I am an ally and I embrace differences and similarities to form a feeling of community. You can find me hiking in the Cascades, reading global articles in The Economist, passing the Frisbee, playing classical guitar, editing short films, organizing Puma (TED) Talk events and spending time with my friends and the Nepali community. I hope to learn more about how we can create stories that are compelling and relatable, not only to a common listener, but also to someone from a unique background that has never heard radio before. I am extremely excited to continue discovering my creative voice in radio journalism.

[asset-audio[{"description": "Listen to a story about Esa by Angela.", "fid": "56789", "uri": "public://201407/Esa-byAngela_0.mp3"}]]