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Ms. Warren Goes to Washington: A Progressive Senator’s Life Story

Flickr Photo/Senate Democrats (CC-BY-NC-ND)
Senator Elizabeth Warren.

This week on Speakers Forum, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren tells the story of her life and her vision of a progressive America. Warren is known as an advocate for consumer protection. She was largely responsible for the hard-won establishment of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

When Senator Patty Murray called to suggest she run for Senate, Warren questioned her own qualifications. She had never run for anything, after all.

“Oh please!” was Murray’s response. “Men never ask if they’re qualified.” Warren did run, and did win.

Warren’s talk comes at an opportune time, on the heels of last week’s Forum featuring Timothy Geithner. The two have had vocal Wall Street vs. Main Street differences of opinion.

Geithner wrote of Warren, “Her criticisms of the financial rescue, if well intentioned, were mostly unjustified, and her TARP oversight hearings often felt more like made-for-YouTube inquisitions than serious inquiries.”

Warren has faulted Geithner for, among other things, believing “government’s most important job was to provide a soft landing for the tender fannies of the banks.” A debate would have been in order, but we’ll settle for back to back presentations. 

Warren is on the road with her new book A Fighting Chance.She spoke at University Temple United Methodist Church on May 29 in an event sponsored by University Bookstore.

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