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00000181-fa79-da89-a38d-fb7f2a370000We want to understand what the housing environment looks like in Seattle. Are Seattleites living beyond their means? Are they finding affordable housing? Or are they getting creative in order to make housing more affordable?Tweet your feedback and questions at us with #GameOfHomes

Seattle Police File A Lawsuit, City Council Agrees On $15, And Ramtha The Racist

KUOW Photo/Patricia Murphy

Over a hundred members of the Seattle Police Department have filed a lawsuit against the federally-mandated reforms SPD has adopted. The Seattle City Council has come to an agreement on the minimum wage proposal.

Steve Scher recaps those stories and more news of the week with Crosscut's Knute Berger, The Stranger's Eli Sanders, news analyst Joni Balter and LiveWire host Luke Burbank.

Week In Review Extra

[asset-audio[{"description": "", "fid": "43221", "uri": "public://201405/530QWIREXTRA.mp3"}]]Washington state gave Boeing nearly $9 million to keep its business in the state. Amazon is now playing tough with book publishers. So do we tolerate big business bullying tactics in this state? 

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