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Where Do You Pump At Work?

KUOW Photo/Isolde Raftery

Hey mamas!

I'm thinking about putting together a slideshow of spaces where women work. As many of you know, federal law requires that workplaces make space for women to pump — but what that space looks like varies wildly.

Please send me photos of where you pump at work. My email is In your email, please include your name and where you work. Some people have said they're uncomfortable attaching their name to work — if that's you, just include the city, profession and work place. 

When you take the photo, consider how you frame the shot. I have included two images — including my pumping station — to give you an idea of decent images. 

Thank you!


[asset-images[{"caption": "A doctor at a Seattle-area hospital shared this image. Up to eight women use the shower stall.", "fid": "34923", "style": "placed_left", "uri": "public://201405/anesthesiologist_pumping_room.jpg", "attribution": ""}]]