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Public Radio's Pied Piper Ira Glass Talks Storytelling

Flickr Photo/Ricky Montalvo (Cc-BY-NC-ND)
"This American Life" host Ira Glass.

Marcie Sillman talks with Ira Glass, host of This American Life, about his career and the art of radio storytelling.

Web Extra

[asset-audio[{"description": "Marcie Sillman speaks with Ira Glass about his new live show touring the country.", "fid": "32870", "uri": "npraudio://201404/IraGlass_WebExtra.mp3"}]]Glass is currently touring around the country performing a new live show called "One Radio Host, Two Dancers." The show doesn't come to Seattle until April of 2015, but as a preview, Sillman asked Glass about where he got the idea for the performance. 

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