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My Kingdom For A Horse-Head Squirrel Feeder

Archie McPhee

Seattle-based company Archie McPhee is getting national attention for putting a horse head on a squirrel.

To clarify, the company is selling a squirrel feeder shaped like a hollow horse head. You put the food up inside it and wait for a curious squirrel to stick its head in with hilarious consequences.

“We were trying to think of a way to be nice to squirrels and humiliate them at the same time,” said David Wahl, who is Archie McPhee's self-titled “director of awesome.”

Photos of the horse squirrel have gone viral.

Washington Post columnist John Kelly writes, "If you cannot fathom what is entertaining about a squirrel wearing a giant horse mask, then this product is not for you."

While it's entertaining, the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife does not encourage feeding squirrels. According to its website, "Tree squirrels that are hand-fed may lose their fear of humans and become aggressive when they don’t get food as expected."

So if you have one of these feeders, be sure to keep that horse head full. Who knows what a hungry, humiliated squirrel is capable of doing.

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