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Rich Barton: Local Entrepreneur Goes Global

Flickr Photo/Erik Hersman
Rich Barton, creator of Expedia and Zillow.

Ross Reynolds interviewed Rich Barton, a former Microsoft executive who went on to create the online travel site Expedia and the co-found the online real estate database Zillow.

Barton was invited to this year’s Global Entrepreneurial Summit to give a keynote speech and offer his knowledge to budding entrepreneurs, most of whom hailed from North Africa and the Middle East.

The annual three-day Global Entrepreneurial Summit, created by President Obama, seeks to level the playing field by bringing together the world’s top entrepreneurs with their ambitious would-be counterparts.

“There is an explosion – a supernova – of capitalist intensity and energy that’s happening in this part of the world right now and it’s really marvelous to behold,” said Barton.