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Task Force Recommends Breeding More Elephants At Woodland Park Zoo

Flickr Photo/Tesla314
Baby Hansa, born at the Woodland Park Zoo, died of a form of elephant herpes at age six.

For years, animal rights groups have been raising concerns about the health and treatment of elephants at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, particularly after the death of six-year-old elephant Hansa. And seven months ago, the Zoo’s board assembled a task force to look at this issue. Their final report says the overall health of elephants at Woodland Park Zoo is good, and they should breed more.
The report did point out some areas that could be improved. Among them are making their facilities larger and re-integrating two of the elephants to reduce isolation.

Jay Manning is co-chair of the task force. He’s also the former director of Washington’s Department of Ecology. He talks with Steve Scher.

Produced by Andy Hurst.