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Sounds Of The Day, 9.16.13 - 9.20.13

Flickr Photo/amdogirl56

Each day on The Record we play the sound of your day. Listeners record 30 seconds of a sound they find interesting, write a short story and send it to The Record.

Monday, September 16

KUOW reporter Liz Jones sent us a few sounds from the annual Fiestas Patrias Parade in South Park on Saturday. The Fiestas Patrias celebrates the independence days of Mexico, Belize, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Chile — all of which take place in September.

In Seattle, members of the community meet on a weekend in September for parades, art, music, dance and Mexican and Latin American food. Jones recorded a mariachi band, cowboys on horseback and some daring motorcycle stunt riders.

Tuesday, September 17

[asset-audio[{"description": "", "fid": "6088", "uri": "public://201309/917SOUND.mp3"}]]While in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, listener Cheryl recorded this sound of wildebeest. The herd of wildebeest completely surrounded their car, grunting to each other. Cheryl said that there wasn’t one clear leader and as soon as one wildebeest crossed the river they all just followed. The sound of bulls calling to cows and cows calling to their calves, or calves calling to their mothers made Cheryl and her family feel like they were in a National Geographic special.  

Wednesday, September 18

[asset-audio[{"description": "", "fid": "6089", "uri": "public://201309/918sound.mp3"}]]Crickets, frogs and the sound of a paddle hitting the water: that’s the sound Jim sent in. It was recorded on a kayak trip at a campground at Lake Chelan this Labor Day weekend.

Thursday, September 19

[asset-audio[{"description": "", "fid": "6090", "uri": "public://201309/919SOUND.mp3"}]]While visiting a friend’s farm on Bainbridge Island, Nate and Cooper heard several coyotes communicating with each other. The coyotes were close enough to record their howls, but luckily everyone was safe inside.

Friday, September 20

[asset-audio[{"description": "", "fid": "6091", "uri": "public://201309/920sound.mp3"}]]Remember that downpour of rain that postponed the Seahawks game on Sunday? This is how it sounded to Walt. He recorded the sound of rain dropping through his downspout at his home in Everett.

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