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Let's Go To The Movies!

Flickr Photo/m4tik

This hour on The Conversation, we leave radio for the big screen to talk to some of our favorite filmmakers. Grab some overpriced popcorn and candy and listen to interviews with the late Nora Ephron, director Guillermo del Toro, director Paul Verhoeven and film historian David Thompson.

Screenwriter Nora Ephron

Before she passed away in 2012, film director, screenwriter, novelist and journalist Nora Ephron sat down with Ross Reynolds to talk about movie making. Her films include "Silkwood," "When Harry Met Sally," "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Julie and Julia."

Director Guillermo Del Toro

[asset-audio[{"description": "", "fid": "5444", "uri": "public://201308/828DELTORO.mp3"}]]From the audience-pleasing "Hellboy" to the critically acclaimed "Pan's Labyrinth," Guillermo del Toro's movies are chock-full of mystical, often terrifying creatures. The Mexican director talks with Ross Reynolds about the beauty and appeal of monsters.

Director Paul Verhoeven And Film Historian David Thompson

[asset-audio[{"description": "", "fid": "5445", "uri": "public://201308/828FILM.mp3"}]]Who'd have thought the guy who directed "Robocop" has a deep academic knowledge of Jesus Christ? Notable director Paul Verhoeven talks about filmmaking and his perspective on the revered religious figure. Also, historian David Thompson shares the history of the big screen.