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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: The Conversation Talks Economics

Paul Krugman
Center for American Progress

We discuss the economy a lot on The Conversation. From the effects of the recession to financial planning, money is always in the news. Today, we rebroadcast some of our best interviews with economists and financial reporters, including a talk with Paul Krugman in front of a live studio audience.

The New New Deal

President Obama's ambitious stimulus package has a price tag of more than $800 billion, larger than the New Deal initiated by FDR. It's been highly contentious for both the left and the right. How is this new, New Deal changing the country? Ross Reynolds delves into this issue with Michael Grunwald, the author of "The New New Deal."

Paul Krugman And Enrico Moretti

[asset-audio[{"description": "", "fid": "5509", "uri": "public://201308/821KRUGMAN.mp3"}]]Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman, defends the stimulus package and explains why we need more of it. He says we are in a depression and a massive government investment could get us out of it. Also, we hear from another economist, Enrico Moretti, about why where you live is more important that what’s on your resume when it comes to getting a job. Moretti tells us about where to live if you want to be healthy and wealthy.

The End Of Washington Mutual Bank

[asset-audio[{"description": "", "fid": "5510", "uri": "public://201308/821WAMU.mp3"}]]Washington Mutual's collapse was the biggest bank failure in the nation's history. Why was Washington Mutual allowed to fail when other banks got bailed out? Financial reporter Kristin Grind tells us how the bank came crashing down in 2008. She wrote a book on the untold story of Washington Mutual called, “The Lost Bank.”