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A New Chairman Of The Fed, 30 Years Of Northwest Hip-Hop, Radio Retrospective And Sara Dickerman

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Fed Reserve Chair
This fall, President Obama will select a new chairman of the Federal Reserve to replace two-term Chairman Ben Bernanke. During a news conference on Friday, the president mentioned two candidates he’s considering: former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers and Janet Yellen, current vice-chairwoman of the Fed. Some critics are calling for the president to widen his search. Who else should be considered for the post? How big of an impact could the new Fed chairman have on the economy?

30 Years of Northwest Hip-Hop
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Sir Mix-A-Lot, The Blue Scholars and Shabazz Palaces. Forget grunge, Seattle’s got hip-hop. Hip-hop is as Northwest as The Wailers; as much a part of our cultural landscape as Nirvana, Soundgarden or Mudhoney. MC Geo of the Blue Scholars and Dr. Daudi Abe, author and professor at Seattle Central Community College, join us for a look back at the people, culture and industry that made three decades of local hip-hop music.

Radio Retrospective: The Alternate Lives of Sinister Hosts
During radio’s Golden Age, mystery shows were often hosted by a “sinister” host. Characters like The Man in Black, The Whistler and The Mysterious Traveler. Who are the men behind these shadowy narrators, and what other roles did they play throughout their career?

Recommended Eating
Food writer Sara Dickerman joins us with a lunch recommendation. Today she highlights Blind Pig Bistro. Prefer to cook for yourself? She also has a pick for a great cookbook.