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From Doodle Books To Tattoos

Today, RadioActive hosts Isaac Noren and Carlos Nieto bring you stories of when pencil meets paper. Doodles, sketches and drawings of all kinds!

Srikar Penumaka gives us the inside scoop on what people at Moxie Software in Bellevue like to doodle most. Then, Carlos Nieto goes deep into the KUOW doodle archives with Katy Sewall, exploring the history of doodles made by studio guests. Finally, Isaac Noren talks with Ben Bowlin from Seattle's Deep Roots tattoo parlor on developing doodling into a full-on career.

RadioActive is KUOW's youth radio program, and all the stories here are produced by young people age 16-21. Listen to RadioActive stories, subscribe to the RadioActive podcast and stay in touch on Facebook.