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News From D.C., Bradley Manning, And Cold Treats

Flickr Photo/Cascadian Farm

News From D.C.
We preview the week ahead in Washington D.C. with CBS News Capitol Hill producer Jill Jackson.

Bradley Manning’s Court Martial Nears End
Overshadowed by the high-profile saga of NSA leaker Edward Snowden is the court-martial of Bradley Manning. The 25-year-old Army private is accused of leaking thousands of classified documents including nearly 250,000 diplomatic cables and a half million incident reports from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The defense has argued that Manning was a whistleblower. The prosecution has painted him as a traitor. Lawyers for both sides gave their closing arguments on Friday and a verdict is expected Tuesday evening. We talk with Ed Pilkington, who’s been covering the trial for The Guardian.

Milkshakes, Ice Cream And Other Frozen Treats
Like Pavlov's bell, the musical notes of an ice cream truck can trigger memories of bygone summers and bring the flavor of popsicles to your taste buds. The frozen treats of summer, be it a milkshake or snow cone, carry nostalgic memories. We want to know what your favorite summer treat is, what are your tastes of summer, and why? Email Weekday or call us at 206.543.5869.