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Welcome KUOW's Summer 2013 RadioActive Youth Producers

KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media is proud to offer a summer journalism workshop. Eight students from a variety of local high schools will spend the summer learning what it means to be a journalist. They will pitch, interview, edit and write their own feature stories for

Ian Dangla, Freshman, Pomona College (Bishop Blanchet High School ’13)

I believe in the power of stories, in the way they can connect us to people we’ve never met and simultaneously reflect and help shape an individual, or even a society. I can’t think of anything more exciting than exploring new storytelling methods. Thus, I am a bit of a film junkie, bookworm and photography nerd. I also have done a lot of theater and have even been in a few radio commercials. I love to travel and hope one day to explore the stories of the world to help celebrate our differences and revel in our similarities.

Listen to a story about Ian by Amina (MP3)

Madeline Ewbank, Senior, Ballard High School

I am an aspiring playwright, novelist, chef, chemist, screenwriter and now journalist. My special talents include speed-reading, catching fly balls in center field and procrastinating. My special talents do not include painting, playing trumpet or understanding intermolecular forces, but I try frequently anyway. I am a co-founder of Lights On! Productions theater company, a teen advisor at the Seattle Public Library and a fiercely competitive recreational soccer player, but my crowning life achievement was finishing all the Parks and Recreation episodes on Netflix. I'm inspired by backpacking, local music, my supportive family and friends, and the picture of Wonder Woman hanging over my desk. I live by the phrase, “A sloth is just a koala doing tai-chi.”

Listen to a story about Madeline by Srikar (MP3)

Kendra Hanna, Senior - Running Start, Cascadia Community College

At age 12 I realized that there was an entire world outside of what I had yet experienced, which led to the obvious revelation that I would like to record all of it. I want to become a journalist because I love talking about things like politics and economics, and I love telling stories. As a Running Start student at Cascadia Community College, I currently spend my free time following the news, reading, listening to podcasts, talking politics and generally being a nerd. Oh, and baking cookies.

Listen to a story about Kendra by Carlos (MP3)

Amina Ibrahim, Junior, Franklin High School

As the youngest of five kids I have always been known as the vivacious one in the family. I’m frequently described as ambitious and a lover of spontaneity. I enjoy trying new things and traveling. I strive to accomplish things I set my mind to. I am an optimistic person. I am determined to impact the world in a positive way. In my spare time I enjoy indulging in a good book. I have a passion for informing people about what is going on in the world and I hope to continue it as a profession.

Listen to a story about Amina by Ian (MP3)

Rachel Lam, Junior, Bishop Blanchet High School

I am a Norwegian, English, Bavarian, Baba-Nyonya, Hawaiian-born, second-generation Malaysian immigrant and registered member of the Cherokee Nation. I was raised in Seattle by one Catholic and one religiously-unaffiliated parent. Reading is one of my favorite activities, and I have a bad habit of obeying commands penned by authors to characters. “She frantically glanced around the room” and immediately I must thumb the page and jerk my eyes from the window to the stereo and back. I am a firm believer in the necessity of both doubt and a strong-willed mind and sold my soul to the thrills of dance and the freedom of art a long time ago. When I die I wish to be remembered as someone who tried her hardest at any task tossed her way; however, if I’m not because I didn’t, then hopefully there was at least a pretty good reason.

Listen to a story about Rachel by Isaac (MP3)

Carlos Nieto, Freshman, University of Washington (Cleveland High School ’13)

I am a poet, a dancer, a storyteller, a scholar and a friend. I’m a lifelong resident of South Seattle. I hope to one day give back to my community through environmental science. I love learning new things and meeting new people.

Listen to a story about Carlos by Kendra (MP3)

Isaac Noren, Junior, The Center School

When I’m not nerding out with my friends by playing Magic or Dungeons & Dragons, I’m reading or writing. My love for the written word took off when I first picked up "Harry Potter," which led to my love of the spoken word may years later, after going to my first poetry slam. Most of my own writing holds true to queer issues in the media and myself. My hope is to educate people on these issues in any way possible.

Listen to a story about Isaac by Rachel (MP3)

Srikar Penumaka, Junior, STEM High School

Along with my extremely academically oriented schooling, tennis and NPR have not only kept me going but they have given me a high standard of work in my life. I not only strive to achieve my goals but complete them in the most efficient and flashy manner. Whether it is telling a story or writing a paper, I try to be the best. My logical mind has also sparked an interest in video games, astrophysics and journalism. I am usually found listening to music and chilling out when I am not working. The way I discovered telling stories was by working with the best teachers and creating unique individual characters to suit my imagination and crazy visions.

Listen to a story about Srikar by Madeline (MP3)

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