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"Fast & Furious:" More Than Just "Shoot 'Em Up"

The sixth installment of the "Fast & Furious" movie franchise is out, and Seattle film writer David Chen (editor-at-large, says it’s more than just “gas 'em up and shoot 'em up.” Chen says “FF6” is progressive because its multi-racial characters mostly ignore the topic of race and go about their fast and furious lives.

Chen says as an Asian-American himself, it’s nice to see characters who aren’t the stereotypes of computer/math nerd, kung-fu/gunslinger or wacky, out-of-control Asian. He says it’s powerful to see someone of your race doing the same kinds of things as others in the film, without race being acknowledged.

Beyond that, Chen says the action in this film series is spectacular. Director Justin Lin gets right what many action movie directors get wrong: pacing. Chen says, “You gotta ramp things up. Start small, in this case with a combination Formula One racing car and speed ramp, and conclude big. If you’ve seen the film, that is one long runway.”

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