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Ross Reynolds speaks with hundreds of people each year but sometimes the conversation isn’t about what they know or what they’ve done. It’s about who they are.How did Seattle’s most famous librarian to start reading ferociously in the first place? Did you know that the man behind the Real Change News also has a love for classic literature? Where did the brothers that founded Top Pot Doughnuts find that iconic sign?On this page you can find all of our interviews with some of the most interesting people living in the Emerald City.

From Vietnam To Fisherman: Tulalip Tribe Chairman Mel Sheldon Talks Life Then And Now

Mel Sheldon is chairman of the Tulalip Tribe, but he wasn’t always in politics. Chairman Sheldon fished for 25 years. Before that he worked as a houseboy at two University of Washington sororities. And before that, Sheldon served as a pilot in Vietnam.

Chairman Sheldon says he likes “life on the edge," he likes being busy and he likes working hard. Ross Reynolds talks with Tulalip Tribe Chairman Mel Sheldon about his life, career and hopes for the future.