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Conversation News Quiz!

Flickr Photo/singularitysummit

Normally on the Conversation news quiz, we ask about things that you would have heard on our show that week. Today on our special pledge drive edition, we are going to change it up a little bit. A listener still gets to play but we won’t just be asking about this week’s news and they won’t be on their own. One lucky listener is going to have some help from trivia master Ken Jennings.

You may have read his book, or perhaps you are a fan of his trivia app, Trivia Death Match, which you can download to see how you stack up against him in trivia. But it is likely that you first heard about Ken Jennings when he schooled us all as the 74-time winner on Jeopardy!. Wow, 74 times. Ken Jennings also has a new TED talk available to watch today. It’s called "Watson, Jeopardy and Me, the Obsolete Know-It-All."