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Lies Your Parents Told You

Skeptical Kid
Flickr photo/Sharyn Morrow

Don’t run with scissors! If you keep making that face, it will get stuck like that. We had to take your dog to a ranch so it could have room to run.

Did you ever hear any of those lines from your parents? A recent study published in the Journal of Psychology found that 84 percent of parents in the US lie to their children.

Ross Reynolds gathered stories from listeners and local Jeopardy champion and author, Ken Jennings. 

Lies told to KUOW staff members:

Weekday producer Amina Al-Sadi was told by her mom that popped helium balloons would float into ocean and kill seals.

Reporter Derek Wang was told that if he touched utility poles, he would get electrocuted. (The lie was debunked when he witnessed his sister leaning against one without being harmed.)

Reporter Jeannie Yandel was told by her mom that she controlled the timing of food coming from a restaurant kitchen -- by lighting her cigarette. 

Director of digital media, Jenna Montgomery, was told by her dad that hairs on an artichoke heart were poisonous. Many hours were spent plucking the poisonous hairs off. 

The Conversation producer Arwen Nicks was told by her dad that music hasn't been made since the 70s and that The Beatles wrote all the songs. 

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