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The Maldives' Jason Dodson Live In Studio

The Maldives
Photo Credit/Haley Young Photography

The local folk/rock band The Maldiveshave performed everywhere from the back of a flatbed truck to the stages of Sasquatch, Bumbershoot, Capitol Hill Block Party and SXSW.

The Maldives are a seven-member band that started with lead singer and guitarist Jason Dodson over six years ago, and have established themselves as a quintessential band in the Northwest music scene. Jason Dodson joins us in studio to talk and perform live.

Also this hour: Tweet this, Facebook that, watch a video, send an email. Wow — take a breath. We have so many ways to get distracted, can we train ourselves to pay better attention? Dr. David Levy of the University of Washington's Information School joins us with tips to focus and concentrate. Plus, we get a weekend weather forecast from state climatologist Nick Bond.