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A "Yokohama Yankee" Journeys Into His Family's Past

Yokohama Yankee

Leslie Helm was born and raised in Yokohama, Japan. Most of his family members are of European descent, and you would be hard pressed to look into his face and see his half-Japanese grandparents reflected back. When he adopted Japanese children, he started exploring his own roots. Leslie Helm takes us along on his journey as a "Yokohama Yankee" — a story that outlines the racial and economic tensions that defined US and Japanese relations for much of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Also this hour: We look back at the show, “Yours Truly Johnny Dollar,” from radio’s golden age.  The show features the harrowing adventures of a freelance insurance investigator and aired on CBS from 1949 to 1962.  It was the last remaining radio drama of the golden age after the entire industry essentially shut down for good.

Today, we'll also get a lunch recommendation from Sara Dickerman.