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A Look Inside A Micro Apartment

Flickr Photo/Jseattle/Capitol Hill Seattle Blog

We've been taking a look at the rise of microhousing in Seattle. Tiny apartments that offer cheaper rent for less living space have been popping up in high demand neighborhoods like the University District and Capitol Hill. Some residents have voiced concerns over the new developments, fearing they skirt zoning laws and create too much density too quickly. Today, KUOW's Jeannie Yandel takes us inside a micro apartment. Also, we'll talk with Seattle microhousing developer Jim Potter.

Also this hour: We’re in week 10 of the state legislative session in Olympia. Jerry Cornfield is a reporter and political columnist for The Everett Herald. He joins us with a look at what our state representatives are up to. As early as March 25, we could see budgets coming out of the House and Senate. What can we expect? Plus: Harnessing the power of crowd funding. This week, creators of the beloved-but-canceled TV series "Veronica Mars" launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce a movie. It became the fastest Kickstarter campaign to reel in $1 million. What does this signal about the future of crowd funding? We'll talk it over with City Arts Magazine editor Leah Baltus and Greg Garcia — executive director of WAPI, a nonprofit that serves youth of color in the greater Seattle area. What interesting stories have you been following? Write to