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A Conversation With Comedian Marc Maron

Marc Maron
Flickr Photo/nickmickolas

Marc Maron is a writer, actor and 25-year veteran of stand-up comedy. These days he’s host of the incredibly popular podcast WTF with Marc Maron, where he interviews other comedians and entertainers about their lives and careers. He just posted his 365th episode. Marc Maron joins us to talk about his career and the art of podcasting ahead of his performance at Seattle's Neptune Theatre.

Also this hour: there was drama in City Hall this week between the mayor and city attorney over dealings with the independent monitor overseeing Seattle’s police reforms. Steve Miletich of the Seattle Times explains. Dr. Mark Smaller of Project Realize joins us to talk about how in-school psychotherapy programs can help quell youth violence. Plus, we get a weekend weather forecast from Washington state climatologist Nick Bond.