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Welcome KUOW's Spring 2013 RadioActive Youth Producers

KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media is proud to offer a spring journalism workshop in Rainier Valley, in partnership with Rainier Scholars, a Seattle college prep program. Six students, age 16-18, will spend the next eight weeks learning what it means to be a journalist. They will pitch, interview, edit and write their own feature stories for later this spring.

The newest RadioActivians interviewed each other about challenges they've overcome:

  • Yafiet Bezabih, Junior, The Northwest School:
    "I like to listen to music, play video games and listen to podcasts. I like journalism a lot and I’m on my school paper the Quintly. My best subjects are math and science, and my favorite extracurricular class is choir. I really enjoy rap and rock and am a bit of a pyromaniac."
    Listen to a story about Yafiet by Riley (MP3)

  • Nolwenn Delisle Junior, Inglemoor High School:
    "Being informed is what I love to do. My natural state is online, checking out the news. New experiences are very exciting and I love to learn new things. I volunteer in my community and I always have a positive attitude. I love making people laugh and keeping them happy. I hope to one day have an impact on the world thorough the passage of information."
    Listen to a story about Nolwenn by Varun (MP3)

  • Varun Dhananjaya, Junior, Interlake High School:
    "For as long as I can remember, my morning routine has begun with waking up to the following words: 'It’s Morning Edition from NPR News.' Most kids my age rarely tune in to the news, but I follow current events with a passion (with the help of KUOW and NPR, of course). Whether it’s following the fiscal cliff debate or getting updates on the Sonics arena proposal, I’ve always felt that it’s important to know what’s going on in the world we live in. Of course, following the news in not all I do; I also enjoy singing, acting, and reading anything by Malcolm Gladwell. I’m not sure what my calling in life is, but I have no doubt that my passion for learning new things will play a factor."
    Listen to a story about Varun by Nolwenn (MP3)

  • Riley Guttman, Senior, Mercer Island High School:
    "My Aunt Leslie is the person who got me interested in journalism. I lived in the Bay Area and my Aunt worked for the San Francisco Chronicle. She continues to work in journalism, and has introduced me to radio journalism. Aside from that, I would describe myself as focused, on task, calm and curious."
    Listen to a story about Riley by Yafiet (MP3)

  • Leslie Saucedo-Raygoza, Senior, Cleveland High School:
    "I’m a very energetic panda. I love to express myself with art, love to do scrapbooks and take pictures. I am obsessed with pandas. Love pickles. I’m always watching documentaries. I want to be a marine biologist. Love dolphins. Love to run. I dance with a passion like no other. I’m weird but you've got to love me."
    Listen to a story about Leslie by Le'Jayah (MP3)

  • Le'Jayah Washington, Sophomore, University of Washington:
    "I’m from the rainy city, born and raised; on the south side is where I spent most of my days! As a student at the University of Washington, I am growing in a lot of ways, and I am trying to expand my knowledge in many areas. I am very interested in journalism, and I’m eager to develop this interest during my time with RadioActive. I love learning different perspectives and hearing different ideas. I surprise people with my quietness; you might often find me traveling through some random book I just picked up off the library shelf, or you may find me free styling in a cipher, but most likely you’ll find me scribbling poems on whatever piece of paper I can find. I have a five year plan to become a lawyer, but I am also working on a book of poetry. I am driven to make the most out of my day — and this experience with RadioActive — because every day is a day worth living, and every day is a day to be lived to the fullest."
    Listen to a story about Le'Jayah by Leslie (MP3)

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