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NRA Tells KUOW Why It Opposes Washington State Universal Background Check Bill

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is opposed to a proposed state law (House Bill 1588) that would require universal background checks for gun purchases in Washington state.

Supporters aim to prevent more convicted felons from getting their hands on guns that can currently be purchased without a background check though private sales. The NRA says felons would still get guns though black-market sales and other avenues.

NRA lobbyist Brian Judy also told KUOW’s Ross Reynolds “if it’s truly going to protect society as a whole, then society as a whole should fund it.” In addition, Judy says he’s spoken with gun dealers who won’t do a background check for just $20, which is the maximum charge under the proposed law.

House Bill 1588 is being discussed Tuesday, February 19, 2013 in executive session in the House Judiciary Committee. Last week Ross Reynolds spoke with Republican state Representative Mike Hope of Washington's 44th Legislative District, who says if the background check bill he's sponsoring fails in the state Legislature, there’s money and backing for a statewide initiative.

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