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The Secret To Being A Happy Couple

Happy couple
Flickr photo/Rodrigo Vargas

What is “normal” in a romantic relationship? More importantly, what’s “normal” for couples who say they're really happy? UW Sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz teamed up with Harvard sociologist James White and wellness entrepreneur Chrisanna Northrup to answer that question. Together they conducted and analyzed the largest human relationship study ever done. We’ll talk with Dr. Schwartz about the “perfect couple.”

Also this hour: Pope Benedict XVI has some shocking news: He's resigning. We talk with Catholic commentator and writer Rocco Palma. Wired's Jason Paur joins us to assess the latest on the investigation into the Boeing Dreamliner's battery design. Plus, we’ve been talking about the BIG things that make a relationships work with Pepper Schwartz, but little touches also make relationships special. Maybe you touch cold toes at night, maybe you write and hide notes, maybe you have a whole range of silly facial expressions no one else gets to see. Share your little touches with us at 206.543.5869 or send an email to