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Episode 35: Dance, Rap, Or Study? Three Teens' Answers To "What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?"

Ballet dancer Richard Peacock lifts Deepa Liegel as the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Cornish Junior Dance Company's 2012 production of the 'Nutcracker.'
Colleen Dishy

In this month’s RadioActive podcast, hosts Bryce Ellis and Daniel Metz hear stories about high school students who aren’t "sluffin" when it comes to their futures (if you don’t know what "sluffin" means this show has got your definition).

One of the kids in these stories goes down the traditional four-year college route, while the others travel off the beaten path:

  • Deepa Liegel is a teenage ballerina who wears cocoa-colored tights to match her skin, even though ballet is dominated by white dancers who wear pink tights.
  • RadioActive producer Evan Adams struggles taking tests but is determined to get into his dream college, MIT.
  • Laura “Piece” Kelley is a local rapper and poet who pursued a career as a musician after dropping out of high school. Now she’s an inspiration to the kids she teaches.

This podcast was also produced in part by Clare Martin, Kadian Vanloo and Evan Adams.

RadioActive is KUOW's youth radio program, and all the stories here are produced by young people age 16-21. Listen to RadioActive stories, subscribe to the RadioActive podcast and stay in touch on Facebook.

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