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Robert Horton's Best Movies Of 2012

Batman, Bilbo, Bond
courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment, New Line Cinema, MGM

What was the best movie of 2012? The year saw the return of Batman, Bilbo and Bond, but box office blowout doesn't mean it's the best movie. Where would you rank "Moonrise Kingdom, "Lincoln" or "Beasts of the Southern Wild?" Let's look back on Celluloid 2012 with film critic Robert Horton.
Also this hour, we'll take a look at the state of firearm safety research. Since 1996, the funding for firearm safety research has been cut drastically, making studies on the subject scarce. Dr. Fredrick Rivara of the University of Washington explains the lack of gun safety research. And Jess Walters talks about his novel, "Beautiful Ruins."