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Nancy Pearl is a regular commentator about books on NPR'sMorning Edition and NPR affiliate stations KUOW in Seattle and KWGS in Tulsa.

The Interfaith Amigos On The Meaning of Light And Celebration

Interfaith Amigos
Flickr Photo/University of Denver

This time of year, Christmas lights add color to the night. Candles are lit to celebrate Hanukkah, "the festival of lights.” The world's major religions each use light to represent big ideas. The Interfaith Amigos join us to explain the religious meaning of light.

Also this hour: the University of Washington's new $250 million football stadium is being built with private funds, but there is a public cost. We sort out who pays and who saves with Curtis Eichelberger of Bloomberg News. Then, for the last-minute shoppers, we listen again to our conversation with Nancy Pearl about her favorite books of the year and the wonderful gifts they would make. Plus, we get a holiday weekend weather forecast from Nick Bond.