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Ignite Seattle's Quest To Enlighten Us, Quickly

"Enlighten us, but make it quick."

That's the premise of Ignite Seattle, a regular worldwide event where presenters get five minutes and 20 slides to get a point across. Speakers at this month's event touch on a variety of topics, including artistry, forgiveness and the environment. One woman even talks about a fear of public speaking.

Ignite Seattle took place at Town Hall on November 8, 2012. The talk was moderated by The Seattle Times columnist Monica Guzman.

Featured Speakers:

  • Josh Maher, "The Definition of Running"
  • Shelly Farnham, "Why I Hate Facebook"
  • Colin Henry, "The Petty Officer School of Management"
  • Kristina Anderson, "Surviving the Virginia Tech Massacre"
  • Matt Lawrence, "Forgiveness"
  • Andrew Plotsky, "Artistry"
  • Mayor Mike McGinn, "City of the Future"
  • Lee Lefever, "The Art of Explaining"
  • Shauna Causey, "Fear of Public Speaking"
  • Alex Alviar, "Secret Superpowers of Being Deaf"

Editor's Note: KUOW broadcast that Ignite Seattle is an annual event, but the event actually takes place every three months.

VIDEO: Scott Berkun's "How To Write Well, Instantly, Every Time" at Ignite Seattle in 2011.