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Poet Dorothy Trogdon On Life “Under The Graphite Sky”

Your attitude toward rain and seemingly endless dark skies may be the best litmus test for whether you are a true Northwesterner. Do you resist or embrace the shift toward dark, wet days? In her poems “Under the Graphite Sky” and “Strange How You Stay,” Orcas Island poet Dorothy Trogdon gives us a uniquely Pacific Northwestern view of winter.

Trogdon is the author of two chapbooks and a full length poetry collection, “Tall Woman Looking” published by Blue Begonia Press earlier this year. She has a degree in Art History from Wheaton College and earned a Masters of Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design in the late 1940s. She has lived on Orcas Island since 1985.

Her reading of these and other poems including "Desire, Like a Hungry Lion," was recorded in the KUOW Studios on June 21, 2012.