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New Political Lines Being Drawn On Eastside

King County voting districts on the I-405 corridor.
King County/iMap

The voters in the cities and towns on the east side of Lake Washington are a diverse bunch. Gone is the red swath that once ran up the I-405 corridor. Changing economics and demographics have created patches of blue and a purple hue where the outcomes of statewide elections are determined. We talk with Knute Berger about how Democrats and Independents are reshaping Eastside politics and where Republicans are digging in.

Also this hour: Marcie Sillman speaks with Alain Seban of the Centre Pompidou about a special exhibition of more than 130 works by women artists at Seattle Art Museum; and The Interfaith Amigos join us for a discussion of changing religious attitudes toward homosexuality as Washington state considers marriage rights for same-sex couples.