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Countin' Spondoolies

Paolo Feraboli stands next to a carbon fiber Lamborhini the colors of the Italian flag. It was built by his lab at the University of Washington.
Photo: Paul Kane

"Car on, radio off, and paddle shift ready to go, okay, lets go!"

In this month's podcast, RadioActive's very own Anne Kane takes a ride in a Lamborghini to uncover the relationship Lamborghini has with the University of Washington.

High school students Max Hutton and Sarah Rosenthal are your hosts.

[asset-pullquotes[{"quote": "That%20must%20be%20worth%20some%20cray-cray%20spondoolies.", "style": "inset"}]]They take a trip to the lost and found, as a man finds a magnificent watch, and a new RadioActivian loses an important family heirloom. One RadioActivian shares his love of backpacking, and another shares his love of justice.

Value. Value seems to be a theme in this podcast. Tune in to hear the "valuable" Slang Of The Month - and learn what spondoolies are.

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