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KUOW discontinues some of our HD channels

After careful consideration, we have decided to discontinue some of our HD channels and reallocate those resources to serve our audience on new, emerging platforms. While there were some very loyal listeners of our HD services the audience was simply too small for the investment we were making. 

Starting March 1, we will discontinue our current programming on KUOW2 (HD3). We will also discontinue our Jazz Service on HD2. 

One of our jobs in public media is to be good stewards of our member's donations.  To that end we are constantly reassessing where our audience is, where they are going, and where we can maximize the donations that are entrusted to us. 

We know these kinds of decisions ultimately leave some listeners disappointed.  We hope you will continue to listen to our main service and support our efforts to better serve our broader local community

We will continue to run our primary KUOW service on HD1.

The BBC will now only run on the Bellingham translator at 90.7 FM and 90.3 HD-2.

All of the programs currently running on our KUOW2 (HD3) service are available through other platforms:

CBC Programs (such as The Sunday Edition, Quirks and Quarks, and Ideas): Options for listening to CBC programs are available at CBC radio's site.

NPR Programs (such as 1A, Fresh Air, Here and Now, Bullseye, Ask Me Another, On Point, World Café): You can already find many of your favorite programs on KUOW 94.9 FM (see our schedule). For select programs, such as World Café, you can find listening options at

PRI Programs (such as The World, Science Friday, Innovation Hub, Living on Earth): Find listening options at

BBC Programs: To find BBC World Service listening options, please check their site.

PRX Remix: Listening options are available at their site

All Other Programs: Many programs have individual websites. You can also search for programs using your favorite podcast directory or app.

Thank you for embracing this new direction with us.  We remain ever-mindful of how our audience prefers to enjoy our content.  Questions? Feedback?  Please email our Chief Content Officer, Jennifer Strachan, at