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Bill Radke To Host KUOW's Friday News Roundup


The news roundup will return Friday, June 20, with KUOW’s morning host Bill Radke, a veteran of local and national radio programming.

“This is one of my favorite hours on KUOW,” says Radke. “I get to hear insightful, funny people connect with each other and make me smarter about current events. I download the podcast every week, so hosting it will save me a step.”

Tune in to KUOW 94.9 Fridays 10-11 a.m. for a unique take on the news with a rotating panel of local voices, including Joni Balter, Knute Berger, Eli Sanders and Luke Burbank, along with other new and familiar guests.

The panelists this week will be Joni Balter, Luke Burbank and C.R. Douglas.

Bill Radke will continue as host of KUOW's morning newsmagazine.

Thank you to all the listeners who shared heartfelt and thoughtful feedback as we considered next steps for this show. As the show continues, you are welcome to submit additional feedback using this form.  

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